Michael Rash, Security Researcher

New Android Single Packet Authorization Client: Fwknop2

Fwknop2 on Android After a long while without updates to the fwknop clients on Android or iOS, I'm excited to announce that Jonathan Bennett has developed an entirely new client for Android called Fwknop2. This client adds significant features such as the ability to save configurations (including both encryption and authentication keys), proper handling of base64 encoded keys, and support for manually specified IP addresses to be allowed through the remote firewall. Further, Fwknop2 integrates with JuiceSSH so that an SSH connection can seamlessly be launched right after the SPA packet is sent. Finally, in an interesting twist, Fwknop2 will be able to read encryption and HMAC keys via a QR code via the camera. The QR code itself is generated from key material in --key-gen mode (which is currently available in the standard fwknop client and will be available in the fwknopd server in the next release).

Fwknop2 will be available on both the Google Play store and via F-Droid within the next few hours, and in the meantime the APK is available on github here.

Below are a couple of screenshots of the new Android client in action - these are from an Android VM running under Parallels on Mac OS X (Yosemite): fwknop Android app fwknop Android app