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Cipherdyne Security Software

This site is dedicated to the design and development of free and open source security software for Unix-style operating systems. There are four main projects available on this site along with some additional supporting code (all created by Michael Rash and released under the Gnu Public License):

fwknop    Single Packet Authorization daemon (mailing list).
afl-cov    Code coverage for AFL fuzzing cycles.
psad    iptables log analysis and IDS tool (mailing list).
fwsnort    Translates Snort rules into an equivalent iptables policy (mailing list).
gpgdir    Recursively encrypts/decrypts whole directories with GnuPG.

RPM Builder    Automatically build RPM's for the latest versions of the Cipherdyne projects.
perl modules    perl modules developed for Cipherdyne security projects.
s_loadenv Recon    Reconnaissance script to analyze Apache web logs for DOCUMENT_ROOT attacks.    Script to parse base64 records and print byte frequencies.

If you wish to support any of these projects, please consider making a donation through Paypal:

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